New fling: Horizon Session Recording


This week released another new fling, Horizon Session Recording


VMware Horizon Session Recording allows administrators of a VMware Horizon environment record their users activity in their Blast Extreme virtual desktop and application sessions.

With Session Recording, the administrator can choose to record local or remote sessions, to a central recording Server where the administrator can watch the recordings back via a HTML 5 web console integrated into the server.

The Session Recordings are stored as MP4 files for watching via the web console or downloading to play in a local player.

The VMware Horizon Session Recording Fling comprises of two components:

  • A Central Recording Repository + Web Front End
  • The Agent to be installed in the virtual desktop or RDSH host template which facilitates the recording.

Today VMware Horizon Session Recording supports Windows Server 2016 as the Central Server along with Windows 7, 10, Server 2012 and Server 2016 on the agent.


  • The server requires Windows server 2012 / 2016. As this web service is built on .Net Framework Core. The Framework is bundled as part of the installation. The Server must be part of the domain.
  • The Agent (in the desktop) must be x64. I have successfully tested windows 7 and 10, along with server 2012 r2 and server 2016.
  • The administrator must have a valid browser to access the recording console.


Please download the instructions VMware Horizon Session Recording Documentation.pdf.