Free eBook Mastering Grunt

If you’re tired of repetitive JavaScript tasks like minification, compilation, and testing, this book will teach you how to use Grunt to automate them. Learn in easy steps how to streamline your workflow when building any web application. Master the development of your web applications by combining Grunt with an army of other useful tools Learn about the key tasks behind devops integration and automation so you can utilize Grunt in a team-working environment Accelerate your web development abilities by employing best practices, including SEO, page speed optimization, and responsive design The book can be downloaded here

Docker Randstad Meetup: March 2016

Yesterday was the 3rd birthday of Docker. Docker Randstand Meetup organised two meetup sessions. I attended both of the sessions. Docker 3rd birthday celebration - Introduction to Docker Docker 3rd birthday plus book signing with Adrian Mouat  The meetups were in the W in Amsterdam and sponsored by Microsoft. The Introduction to Docker meetup was basically a hands-on workshop where you were you the tutorials provide by Docker to create the birthday app.

NL-VMUG UserCON 2016

This year was again a UserCON organized by the dutch VMware User Group Community. Just like the year before it took place in Den Bosch in the convention center 1931. Last year the NL-VMUG was the largest in the world. This year there were even more attendants then last year that came to the UserCON. A good result for the people organizing the UserCON. Like every year the organization created an event with a good mix of sessions, sponsor exhibition and of course good food and drinks.

Docker Datacenter (installation)

When you want to apply for the Docker Datacenter trial, you first have to create a Docker ID accoun tand then you can register for the trial. After you have completed your trial subscription, you get access to the installation pages for the Datacenter suite. The installation is split up in four steps 1 Install Commercial Engine 2 Install DTR + UCP 3 Add license 4 Secure and Configure In this post I want to adress the first three steps.

Docker Datacenter

Last week, Docker released the Docker Datacenter suite. Docker Datacenter is based on the commercial engine of Docker and contains Docker Trusted Registry and Docker Universal Control Plane. This solution is meant to run in your own datacenter or in your own virtual private cloud. Docker Trusted Registry is used to store the images and support security or regulatory compliance requirements. Docker Universal Control Plane provides a containter management platform for your on premise docker environment or for your virtual private cloud container environment.