Updated fling(s) for December 2018

In the last month of this year, the follow 2 flings were updated this month: HCIBench PowerCLI Extensions Below are the changelogs of this month’s updated flings: PowerCLI Extensions Version Updated PowerCLI.Extensions Module to be compatible with VMware PowerCLI 11.0.0 HCIBench Version Added 2 more test cases into easy-run, 4k 100% random read and 256k 100% sequential write Batch deployment will be involved if deploying more than 8 VMs to speed up deployment process Allow user to choose IP prefix when using static IP Optimized UI to allow user to review the results by single click Fixed regression issue when placing Datacenter/Cluster in the folder

New fling: VMware Workspace ONE Provisioning Tool

Summary The VMware Workspace ONE Provisioning Tool helps you test and validate your applications (exported as a .ppkg file) and the special-purpose unattend.xml configuration file as part of the Dell Provisioning for Workspace ONE offer. This tool simplifies the testing and validation of this process in your own environment before these files are sent and applied in the Dell factory. Highlights Simple UI to easily enable the IT admin to validate their ppkg and unattend.

New fling:PowerCLI for VMware Cloud on AWS

Summary This Fling provides a community preview of the upcoming PowerCLI commands for managing VMware Cloud on AWS. It comes in the form of a single PowerCLI module and integrates with existing PowerCLI modules. All commands have been automatically generated. They are still in development, contain known issues, and will change in the future. Requirements Requires PowerCLI 11.0.0 (specifically, the VMware.VimAutomation.Vmc module) and Microsoft Windows. Instructions Step 1 - Installing the module

New fling: Android Device Pre-Verification Suite

Summary: This Android Device Pre-Verification Suite Fling reduces the time to perform a preliminary test on any Android device from any OEM. Pre-verification result decides whether the device is eligible for a full device verification program or not. This eliminates the TAT (turnaround time) for basic test failures during the initial phase of verification from VMware. Customers/Partners can run this tool at their premise and check whether the device passes the device verification program entry criteria.

DockerCon 2018 Europe third and last day

This day, 5th of December, started also with a general session and the first speaker was¬†Banjot Chanana, Vice President of Product at Docker. He started with a recap of yesterday’s general session. He also touched on the digital transformation and that OPS needs choice,agility and security to be successful in the new world order.¬†There was a demo of how Docker Enterprise 2.1 and DTR can help ops with implementing security.

New fling: Dispatch-Solo

Summary **This is an Open Source fling. Find out about VMware Open Source initiative on** Dispatch-Solo is lean version of Dispatch which has been packaged as VM appliance. The goals of Dispatch-Solo are simple: Lower the barrier to entry - get started with Dispatch in a matter of minutes Support nearly the full Dispatch feature set - API compatibility Explore use-cases - get user feedback and iterate Because Dispatch and serverless is still in its infancy, understanding use cases is the highest priority.