Updated fling(s) for January 2018

In January, there were no new flings released. The following seven flings were updated:

DoD Security Technical Implementation Guide(STIG) ESXi VIB

Update January 2018
  • Added 6.5 STIG VIB to the downloads section. **Please note this is not based on a DISA STIG as a 6.5 STIG has not been released**


Desktop Watermark

Build 1127
  • This build is signed now.
  • Password protection for the configuration & uninstallation


Horizon Toolbox

2018 Jan 18
  • Horizon 7.4 support
  • Some bug fixes



  • Added case comparisons by generating an XLS file for each test folder
  • Fixed bug when there’s white space in datastore name or test name


Blockchain on vSphere

Jan 15 2018, BoV 1.1
  • Support running BoV on PKS (Pivotal Container Services)
  • Integrate Blockchain Explorer into BoV which makes it easier to view/monitor peers, transactions, etc
  • Enhance BoV to support saving blocks and channel data to persistent volume
  • Optimize the installation process
  • Provide a default channel for blockchain applications
  • Update Fabric to 1.0.5


vSphere HTML5 Web Client

Fling 3.33 - Build 7616394
New Features
  • Support for PCI and Shared PCI devices for a VM
  • Create vApp wizard
  • Clone vApp wizard
  • vApp move to Host & Cluster
  • Duplicate a VM customization specification to another VC and with custom name/description
  • Synchronize Licenses action (former Import License Keys Data)
  • Assets’ details
  • Ability to edit VM Advanced configurations in Edit Settings of the VM
  • Change the shortcuts for Power Operations in VMware tools section in the Edit Settings of the VM
  • Change the maximum concurrent VMRC sessions for a VM in the Edit Settings
Bug Fixes
  • Can add an existing hard disk in Edit Settings for VM residing on datastore cluster
Known Issues
  • Creation of child vApp wizard is not working - the workaround is to create a child vApp as separate vApp and use move to operation to move it under the parent one.
Fling 3.32 - Build 7496117
New Features
  • vApp power operations
  • vApp move to operation to folder operation
  • vApp rename operation
  • vApp delete operation
  • vApp export to OVF template
  • vApp related VMs tab, datatastore tab and networking
  • Add Permission action on VM templates

VMware OS Optimization Tool

January 4, 2018
  • Issue fix: Can not access public templates