Updated Fling(s) for November

In November the following seven Flings were updated this month:

  • Cross vCenter VM Mobility - CLI
  • VMFork for pyVmomi
  • HCIBench
  • ESXi Embedded Host Client
  • vSphere HTML5 Web Client
  • Horizon Toolbox
  • Desktop Watermark

Cross vCenter VM Mobility - CLI

Version 1.4

  • While migrating multiple vms with destination network option, only one vm used to get migrated.This issue has been fixed.

VMFork for pyVmomi

Version 1.0.3

  • Fixed a bug that prevented CreateChildSpec from being referenced in versions of 6.5 of pyVmomi
  • Updated the requirement to include pyVmomi 6.5 only, up from 6.0, due to a dependency issue



  • Enhanced IP segment selection
  • Set open file limit to 4096
  • Updated vm-tools to the latest version
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.6.5

  • Enhanced 95th percentile calculation.
  • Added Curve and Multi Run calculation.
  • Added SSH Service validation.
  • Replaced DHCP Service with Static IP Service.
  • Added IP conflict check.
  • Fixed bunch of bugs.
  • Change the default client VM RAM from 4GB to 8GB

ESXi Embedded Host Client

Version 1.24.0 build 7119706 (Fling 19) - November 13, 2017

Minor features and bugfixes

  • General
    • Fix failure to deploy OVF/OVA image with disks attached to multiple disk controllers
    • Address race condition when adding new Network Adapter to virtual machine
    • Allow datastore browser to browse VVOL datastores
    • Address timeout issue in datastore browser when client receives unknown datatypes from host
    • Address issue disabling autostart for a VM
    • Allow downloading of flat VMDK files in datastore browser
    • Show the correct VMware Tools version string in VM summary
    • Show pager in VM editor when VM has many hard disks
    • Support OVF properties with pre-defined values, showing dropdowns
    • Allow modifications of root user’s permissions
    • Support for selecting dependent PCI devices when enabling passthrough
    • Other minor bug fixes

Desktop Watermark

Build 1027 Addition

  • Password protection for the configuration & uninstallation

Build 1019 Issue Fixes

  • Windows 10 - Installation failure on some machine with domain account
  • Issue fix - Windows 10 - During uninstallation the service is not automatically stopped

Horizon Toolbox

November 30, 2017 v7.3.0 - Build 1130
  • Add a new “Export” button to the clients table
  • Add a new “Export” button to the clients table
November 04, 2017 v7.3.0

Fixed bugs

  • Some frontend (JS) exceptions might redirect the browser to login page frequently
  • Instant clone pools were shown as “unknown” in web UI
  • vCenter password could not be set if the time setting isn’t in sync

vSphere HTML5 Web Client

Fling 3.29 - Build 7157335

New Features

  • Configure traffic filtering and marking rules on distributed port groups
  • Export and import distributed switches and distributed port groups


  • Configure the policies of distributed port groups inside the New Distributed Port Group wizard

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error when trying to edit the settings of VMs with failed installation or update of the VM tools
Fling 3.28 - Build 7110681

New Features

  • Configure advanced CPU Identification Mask
  • Select PVRDMA adapter type for a VM network


  • Thanks to the fling users who gave the steps to replace the certificates for FAMI UI running at port 5490, added these instructions to v4 of “Create a new certificate for a HTML5 client fling” document

Bug Fixes

  • Licensing views should be visible for 6.0 VC/PSCs
Fling 3.27 - Build 7055108

New Features

  • Popout the Datastore File browser
  • License Details
  • View License VC assets (Read-only)


  • Set license name in the Add License workflow

Known Issues

  • License UI might not work against 6.0 VCs, in particular Windows VCs/PSCs.
  • If you see error in the vSphere Client (HTML5) similar to this - ‘getHostIsAssignLicenseActionAvailable’, then you can resolve this error by following below steps:
    • If vSphere Client (HTML5) Fling appliance is pointed to a vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA), then you should reregister the fling appliance by logging in to FAMI UI (or by running the config-ui CLI). Refer the instructions document to follow the steps for configuring Fling appliance for VCSA.
    • If vSphere Client (HTML5) Fling appliance is pointed to a Windows vCenter Server, then reregister by downloading latest server-configure.bat from the Download section of this website. Refer the instructions document to follow the steps for configuring Fling appliance for Windows vCenter Server.